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    Product Marketing

    by Damrong Pinkoon

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    Goods and services can all be sold, but to fully understand the marketing of goods and services, you need to separate them into categories. Now, your work will become clearer as you see how to create new "markets" while increasing product revenue. However, if you don't know the strength of your product, how can you sell it? Product Marketing is a must-read for ...Businessmen + Marketers + Brand Creators + Advertising Executives + Publicists + Marketing Managers + Sales Executives +Students...Anyone who is interested in product marketing.




















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    Product Marketing

    Without an amazing product marketing manager, sales and the market is unclear about the value the product delivers and why it's important to the businessI try to make a clear distinction between each of these two functions below, but please note Im not claiming that the following are the only precise definitionsClark in Revolutionizing Product Development (1992), p.40-41; at the beginning of the section titled "Product/Market Planning and Strategy".The typical education qualification for this area of business is a high level Marketing or Business related degree, e.gProduct marketing, as opposed to product management, deals with more outbound marketing or customer-facing tasks (in the older sense of the phrase)Another trend is to have one Product Marketing Manager per group of Product ManagersYou own marketing for that productand therefore the companysoup to nutsThe Product Marketer is then hired to take some of the load off that group.This is the wrong way to hire, because immediately the Product Marketer will be defined by the responsibilities and deliverables handed off to him or her by the overloaded team.Instead going back to the Engineering/QA example think of Product Marketing as a role to help both Product Management and the company scaleJust to clarify, I never said that Product Marketing should report to Product ManagementHowever, they are distinct concepts and understanding the difference is important to ensure you give due Watch now! Podcasts Rethinking Leadership in a World of Change By Pragmatic Marketing March 9, 2017 The pace of change in the technology industry has never been fasterWhile not statistically valid, the ratio of Product Marketers to Product Managers, as cited in Pragmatic Marketings annual survey has dropped from .7 to .4 over the last decadeDefinitionThe product manager defines the features and requirements necessary to deliver a complete product to market and leads the product team to successthe main question for me is how product management and product marketing communicate with each other? what information product management provide to product marketing and vice versa? are they both the part of one team? Saeed Khan One thing to keep in mind is the difference between the functions (Product Management, Product Marketing) and the roles (Product Manager, Product Marketer).The overall function of Product Management includes Product Marketing, but the roles of Product Manager and Product Marketer are distinct roles within Product Management overall 07f867cfac

    Damrong Pinkoon


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